How We Do It

The first question we are asked when we explain EATS to people is almost always, “How do you DO it?”

It’s a fair question! Even from inside the inner workings of EATS, it feels pretty miraculous the way things come together every week, every vacation, and even every day. As a relatively affluent community, Arlington isn’t eligible for any federal funding to run summer and vacation feeding programs, so we must rely on the kindness of our neighbors to make this happen.  

Food! Obviously, the food is the most important element to the “how do you do it” question.  While we do buy fresh milk, eggs and chicken every week, we also get an abundance of fresh, beautiful food donated to us through other groups:

Our mission is one of inclusion, and everything we do starts and ends with that. No one is ever turned away from meals. Snacks in the schools are available to all students, not just those who can’t bring snacks from home, and because of this (we believe) the stigma associated with not having enough is minimized for those in need.

Volunteers! Everything accomplished by EATS is done by local volunteers committed to keeping Arlington’s students and their families nourished. Here are some great ways to get involved.

Donations! Every penny donated to EATS is used exclusively to provide food for Arlington students!