What We Do

It’s Hard to Learn When You’re Hungry


Founded in May 2014, Arlington EATS maintains a clear goal: ensuring that the over 500  local students who receive free and reduced price lunch (FRL) when school is in session still have access to healthy meals when school is not in session. We address the need for supplemental food by doing the following:

We  bring together those struggling with food scarcity and those concerned with food justice and give them a welcoming, respectful place to work together to end hunger.  We work closely with other area food organizations, including local food rescue groups. In the last year, these groups have provided us with over 34,000 pounds of fresh produce that we, in turn, provided to our families. 

We couldn’t do this work without the many community partners who have supported us over the years.  Read more about them here.

“With the help of Arlington EATS and their coordinated efforts, we have healthy snacks and fresh produce available to all students, all day long.  This has helped to create an atmosphere of acceptance and has removed the potential embarrassment factor associated with having to approach an adult and ask for food, or to sit in class where all the other kids are eating snack and 1-2 students aren’t because they didn’t have food at home.  In addition, we have seen a significant decrease in behavioral issues – students are not acting out because they are hungry, and are more available for learning because they know that they will have access to food each and every day.”  – Karen Donato, Thompson School Principal