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Donate to Arlington EATS

Arlington EATS accepts online donations via the Arlington Food Pantry website.

By default, donations to the Food Pantry are used where they are most needed. If you would prefer to ensure your donation is used to support Arlington EATS and its programs, simply click on the dropdown menu that says “Use my donation where it is needed most” and select “Arlington EATS.”

Help set a place for every child

“Sometimes we have to choose between paying rent or buying food. Arlington EATS has helped my family tremendously in defraying the cost of food.” — EATS Food Recipient

Monetary donations directly impact Arlington EATS’ ability to provide food. EATS fills the gaps left by state food banks throughout the year: when school is in session, on weekends, and during school vacations. Arlington families may struggle to make ends meet; with Arlington EATS, they do not need to sacrifice meals.

Join EATS at the Table

Arlington EATS treats food recipients with the dignity they deserve. When vacation lunches are served, all are welcomed to the table, regardless of whether they are there to eat, volunteer, or just break community bread. EATS depends on people to donate time to distribute, serve, prepare and rescue food, or give their talents to many coordination and communication efforts.

“The EATS program [is] always a great place to volunteer.  I have been volunteering with EATS for over a year. These people are fantastic . There is no stop to what EATS does to get healthy food to families with kids.  Each person that comes is treated with respect and dignity. Food is not held back from anyone. There are always veggie versions of a meal provided.  EATS is one of the best family based programs going. Thank u for letting me have a chance to help with this great program.”   — EATS Food Recipient and Weekly Volunteer

Partner with Arlington EATS and Forge a Community

Many local businesses have already played a major role in providing food to our students. We welcome new partnerships who benefit from their generosity and goodwill.

“We know it takes a village to keep a community going, and when everyone chips in great things can happen. We chose to donate to Arlington EATS because we share the belief that no child in Arlington should go hungry. These volunteers do a tremendous job helping the children of our community, and we are proud to support their hard work.” — Steve McKenna & The Home Advantage Team; BOWES Real Estate

Thanks and Gratitude to:

Our tremendous Community Partners and our volunteers.  Please support the local businesses that support our students. Thank you to our volunteers who give the gift of precious time.