STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 - 2023


Arlington EATS envisions an engaged and active community in which everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food and understands the causes and effects of food insecurity.


Arlington EATS’ MISSION is to engage the community in eliminating food insecurity and hunger in Arlington.


JUST Compassionate Connected Respectful

Strategic Priority #1


Distribute nutritious food to people in need

OBJECTIVE #1: Increase access to food for Arlington residents who are food insecure

OBJECTIVE #2: Promote a culture of continuous improvement that requires programmatic decision-making to be based on data and core values

Strategic Priority #2


Engage volunteers who contribute a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge

OBJECTIVE #1: Leverage the volunteer assets that are already part of Arlington EATS and attract a continuous cycle of new volunteers

OBJECTIVE #2: Provide opportunities for community members to contribute to solving the problem of food insecurity

Strategic Priority #3


Engage the Arlington community broadly in education and efforts to reduce hunger and economic inequality

OBJECTIVE #1: Increase visibility of how poverty and social injustice contribute to food insecurity

OBJECTIVE #2: Provide town-wide leadership on the implications that local, state and national policies and socioeconomic disparities have on residents facing food insecurity

Strategic Priority #4


Ensure Arlington EATS’ organizational health and sustainability

OBJECTIVE #1: Diversify and grow revenue streams, including foundation grants and individual gifts

OBJECTIVE #2: Ensure the new space is designed to meet the current and future needs of Arlington EATS

OBJECTIVE #3: Continue to develop a supportive and stimulating work environment in order to attract and retain competent and dedicated staff members

Volunteer or Donate

Unfortunately, hunger is part of life in Arlington. Arlington EATS relies upon people like you to ensure there is food for all Arlington residents.

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